Position 10

Discovery of small molecule modulators of human PLK1-Interacting Checkpoint Helicase PICH1 and Ubiquitin-E3_LigaseTRIP12.

PhD position working on the discovery of small molecule modulators of selected targets relevant in DNA replication at the company Lead Discovery Center.

What is the candidate going to do?

The candidate will express and purify the recombinant proteins, will develop primary assays suitable for High-Throughput-Screening of a large small-molecule compound library, and will identify modulators of the respective target proteins. Hit compounds will be characterized and validated with orthogonal and secondary assays. The developed modulators will be used to study the cellular functions of the target protein and the underlying molecular mechanisms and will serve as drug precursors.
The applicant will be additionally trained in project management at the interface of academic and pharmaceutical research, in patent searches and protection of intellectual property.

What does the candidate have to offer?


  • MSc in Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Biotechnology…
About the institution

Lead Discovery Center is a translational drug research company that understands and works closely with both hemispheres: academia and industry. Many of us benefit from a scientific background combined with many years’ experience in the biotech and pharma industries. With our headquarters at the BioMedizinZentrum Dortmund, Germany, we cover all core drug research disciplines, in particular medical chemistry, assay development and screening, biology, pharmacology, and project management.

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