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 12 early stage researchers

Fellow 1

Scott Churcher

Investigation of replisome components’ influence on cellular identity.

Fellow 2

Ran Tong

Replication dynamics, nascent transcription and chromatin conformation changes upon cell commitment

Fellow 3

Elena Pietrini

Replication estress and genome instability in human cancer.

Fellow 4

Kaustav Majumder

Regulation of DNA replication by PTMs during cell fate decisions.

Fellow 5

Marta Oliva Santiago

Identification of novel ubiquitin/SUMO ligases involved in the DNA damage response/replication stress.

Fellow 6

Yicong Chen

Analysis and role of replication features in early mouse embryos and during reprogramming to totipotency.

Fellow 7

Silpa Mary Johnson

Characterization of immunogenic cytosolic DNA species induced by DNA replication stress (RS).

Fellow 8

Alexander Haider

Licensing system aberrations: from replication stress to inflammation.

Fellow 9

Vo Ho My Phuc

Exploring the genetic space of replication proteins.

Fellow 10

Utkarsha Pande

Discovery of small molecule modulators of human PLK1-Interacting Checkpoint Helicase PICH1 and Ubiquitin-E3_LigaseTRIP12.

Fellow 11

Virginia Pasti

PTM regulation of replication stress responses with implications for ALT and PARPi sensitivity.

Fellow 12

Julius Thomas

Role of Interferon and of ISG15 system in DNA replication.