October 16-17 MSCA ITN Replifate Meeting in Baeza

The beautiful Baeza served as the backdrop for the MSCA ITN Replifate first annual meeting, a two-day event combining network introductions, research presentations, and PhD fellow training. Dr. Emilio Lecona's warm welcome marked the start, introducing the Replifate initiative. Six PhD fellows presented their projects on day one, with Prof. Karlene Cimprich delivering an insightful keynote on 'The Causes and Consequences of Replication Stress.' The second day featured another 6 fellows presenting their research, followed by FCAECC's valuable training on Patient engagement and funding opportunities. The meeting was a fruitful blend of science and [...]

November 21, 2023|News|

November 21-22 Replifate celebrated its kick-off meeting in Madrid

The first day was filled with exciting research as all supervisors shared their ongoing science in a well-visited symposium open to the public at the CBMSO. The second day the supervisors discussed the proposed student projects and training opportunities. It was a fantastic meeting where the supervisors also had time to interact with our advisory board and some of the associated partners. Click here to view the document

November 21, 2022|News|
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